Microbiologist, Researcher, Consultant, and Author.

Chief Scientific Advisor of Biocapital Holdings Inc. Houston. USA.

Founder, Senior Research Scientist and Mentor of the International Park of Creativity. Colombia

Currently carrying out research on biotechnology and synthetic biology. I have developed several inventions on biotechnology, and synthetic biology, including:

1) Novel patented invention using Synthetic Biology: Methods for increasing the production of Phenolic compounds from Theobroma Cacao (Patent No: US 9,428,759 B2)

2) Methods and Devices for Electromagnetic Amplification of Nucleic Acids (Patent No.: US 9,044,729 B2)

3) Compositions and Methods for Removal of Toxic Metals and Radionuclides (Patent No. US 7, 309, 437 B2)

4) Plant biocontrol (Patent No. US 5,830,459)

5) Anti-UV plasmid, using synthetic biology (Patent Pending)

6) DNA Sensor to detect alzheimer’s, using synthetic biology (Patent Pending)

7) DNA Sensor to detect diabetes, using synthetic biology (Patent Pending)

8) Biological device to produce lycopene, using synthetic biology (Patent Pending)

9) Biological device and method to produce phenolic compounds, using synthetic biology (Patent Pending)

10) Two inventions on biological device and method to eliminate petroleum contamination, using synthetic biology (Patent Pending)

11) Technology for recycling water (Patent Pending)

12) Sensor to detect petroleum oil (Patent Pending)

13) Resistant biofoam (Patent Pending)

Authors of books on Creativity: 

1) How to Create to Excel: The Joy of Life (2016) ( & Kindle)

2) Loneliness as a Source of Creativity: In the Modern Technological Era (2015) ( & Kindle)

3) Between Triumph and Survival (2004) (American Binding and Publishing Co.)

Living in Cypress, Texas – United States

PhD on Microbiology from Strathclyde University, UK

M.Sc. on Plant Pathology from The Ohio State University, USA

B.Sc. on Biology from Heidelberg University, USA

Biologist from Universidad del Valle, Colombia