Dr. Raul G. Cuero, PhD, has a vision of a world filled with people who fully understand the creative process and are utilizing it every day to solve life’s difficulties and challenges. His has a universal message that applies to the scientist, artist, adult, and child alike. His International Park of Creativity, which fosters a culture of creativity among adolescents and teaches them how to become inventors, is developing new generations of thinkers and problem solvers every day. Now you, too, can benefit from his thirty-year experience with the creative process.

Learn what creativity is, how it can lead to previously unforeseen solutions, and follow its lead toward a life of personal fulfillment and success. Find out and adopt the ten attitudes of a creative individual, which include aspiring to reach your maximum potential and always remaining open to adversity. Understand creativity’s evolution and how experiences are the building blocks of this mental state.

Many books define creativity, but few show how to implement it for personal, professional, and global development and success. Follow Dr. Cuero’s living example, and launch your personal journey with creativity today!

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