What if you never had to fear being lonely again—not because you could avoid the pain of being alone, but because you knew how to transform that feeling into positive action?

Author R. Cuero, PhD, offers a compelling view of loneliness as a tool—not a burden. Cuero traces how, throughout human history, those who have learned the art of channeling their loneliness into action have achieved personal success and led society to progress and peace.

With today’s advanced levels of technology and communication, loneliness is still an inescapable reality that sometimes seems enhanced by our advancement. Yet, like loneliness, technology isn’t inherently negative, and when used well and/or creatively, it can improve lives on an individual and a societal level.

Discover how a fresh perspective, a few adjustments, and the willingness to persevere can impact your life—and the world around you—for the better.

Watch the video of Doctor Cuero's Interview about the Book