Dr. Raúl Cuero, PhD. Microbiologist, Researcher, Consultant, and Author. He is Chief Scientific Advisor of Biocapital Holdings Inc. Houston USA. www.biocapitalholdings.com.

Founder and Research Director of the International Park of Creativity, Manizales, Colombia. (www.ipo.co) Currently carrying out research on biotechnology and synthetic biology. I have developed several inventions on biotechnology, and synthetic biology, including:


See the link of UNITED STATE PATENTS AND TRADEMARK OFFICE with the Patents for invention of Dr. Raul Cuero.


    1. Biological devices and methods for increasing the production of lycopene from plants. (Patent No US 9,828,609 B2)
    2. Methods for increasing the production of Phenolic Compounds from Theobroma Cacao. (Patent No US 9,428,759 B2)
    3. Methods and Devices for Electromagnetic Amplification of Nucleic Acids (Patent No. US 9,044,729 B2)
    4. Compositions and Methods for Removal of Toxic Metals and Radionuclides (Patent No. US 7, 309, 437 B2)
    5. Plant biocontrol (Patent No. US 5,830,459)
    6. Anti-UV plasmid, using synthetic biology (Patent Pending)
    7. Uv – protection of plants. (patent and licensing in progress) tamus – nasa. 2012.
    8. Effective control of pathogenic microorganisms and spores.(Patent pending). 2005
    9. DNA Sensor to detect Alzheimer’s, using synthetic biology (Patent Pending)
    10. DNA Sensor to detect diabetes, using synthetic biology (Patent Pending)
    11. Biological device to produce lycopene, using synthetic biology (Patent Pending)
    12. Biological device and method to produce phenolic compounds, using synthetic biology (Patent Pending)
    13. Two inventions on biological device and method to eliminate petroleum contamination, using synthetic biology (Patent Pending)
    14. Technology for desinfecting and/or recycling waste water using natural products (Patent pending) .
    15. Novel and effective sensor for detecting petroleum oil (Patent Pending)
    16. Effective biodesulfurization of petroleum oil. (in process for submission). 2012
    17. Novel effective anti phatogenic fungal technology.(Still in process for patenting submission and licensing). 2012
    18. Novel bio foam. (Patent pending). 2012 process for submission.
    19. Novel use of the chemical periodic table to create music. (Invention protected by copyright). 2012
    20. Novel production of cellulose without lignin.(Patenting in progress). 2012 process for submission.
    21. Porous containment system for solid state fermentation.(Not submitted for patenting).1998.
    22. International park of creativity: For developing young inventor.(Invention protected by copyright). 2008
    23. Pyramids of creativity and knowledge. (Invention protected by copyright). 2010.
    24. Video-teaching tool on origin of life. (Invention protected by copyright). 2012.
    25. Novel technology for enhancing production of plant metobolites with economic value. (Patent pending). 2012