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The Patent #10,995,353 B2 issued by United States Patent and Trademark Office (May 4, 2021). Described herein are biological devices and methods for using the same to produce a polyactive carbohydrate. The biological devices include microbial cells transformed with a DNA construct containing genes for producing a chitin synthase, a chitosanase, and a chitin deacetylase. In some instances, the biological devices also include a gene for lipase. Methods for using the polyactive carbohydrate are also provided herein, including, but not limited to, enhanc­ing the physiological properties of plants; medical applica­tions; applications in the construction, materials science, and home goods industries; personal care, grooming, cosmetics, and oral care compositions containing the polyactive carbo­hydrate; methods for water decontamination; and the pro­duction of polyurethanes.

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