Dr. Raul Cuero


In addition, Dr. Cuero has written numerous publications in different scientific and technological fields, including, microbiology, biotechnology, biotechnology fungal toxin as well as molecular and synthetic biology. Also, Dr. Cuero is an author who has written a number of books, including his most recent one published in 2022, Water and Ions as the Conditions Necessary for the Presence of Life: The Secret History of Life, which he attempts to explain based on his long standing scientific research experience why despite presence of water, in some instances there is no presence of biomolecules and/or. In addition, Dr. Cuero has published books on creativity, including How to Create: They Joy of Creativity, Loneliness as a Source of Creativity, as well as his biography Between Triumph and Survival. Currently, he is writing more books including one on the COVID-19 pandemic, and others on fear and courage related to creativity.

The Covid Ghost Game: Learning the Secrets of the Ghosty Virus

COVID Ghost Game was written to reflect how the COVID-19 pandemic left many people across the world fearful of the unknown. Whilst the pandemic was not the first instance of such widespread infection in human history, it was for the majority of the population alive today, and it is the fear of the unknown that kept many people in a state of terror. Therefore, the author of this book, R. Cuero, PhD, using his forty-years of experience as a microbiologist at the cellular and molecular level, attempts to share a grounded knowledge of the COVID-19 virus in order to demystify the people’s believes of the pandemic, but rather to use knowledge to understand it. Within an easily understandable and humorous narrative, this book gives us a glimpse of a more comprehensive molecular, and epidemiological perspective of the virus without losing its scientific significance.

Water and Ions as the Conditions Necessary for the Presence of Life: The Secret History of Life

This book, drawing on the author’s extensive scientific research in different parts of the world and reports from other scientists, explores the intricate interdependence between water and ions. Water is well-known as the best diluent for supporting life, which allows the flow of molecules, which are made up of ions, from one particular point to another, but in many cases, despite the presence of water, life and biological entities are not found. This book allows the reader to…

Fear and Courage Today and Throughout Society

This book is based on history report by different authors, and also the cultural, intellectual, and scientific perceptions and experiences of the author confronting fear and courage throughout his life in many parts of the world. He highlights overcoming fear of diseases and illiteracy when he was growing up. The COVID-19 pandemic is an example of what the author describes as a cause of fear in this book. Hence, COVID-19 brought an apocalyptic view as well as the exposure of our most hidden feelings of fear, which produced different collective responses including ritualism and myths, or reasoning.

How to Create to Excel: The Joy of Life

Learn what creativity is, how it can lead to previously unforeseen solutions, and follow its lead toward a life of personal fulfillment and success. Find out and adopt the ten attitudes of a creative individual, which include aspiring to reach your maximum potential and always remaining open to adversity. Understand creativity’s evolution and how experiences are the building blocks of this mental state.

Loneliness as a Source of Creativity: In the Modern Technological Era

What if you never had to fear being lonely again—not because you could avoid the pain of being alone, but because you knew how to transform that feeling into positive action? Author R. Cuero, PhD, offers a compelling view of loneliness as a tool—not a burden. Cuero traces how, throughout human history, those who have learned the art of channeling their loneliness into action have achieved personal success and led society to progress and peace.

Between Triumph & Survival

In the eyes of Raul Cuero’s high school basketball coach, everybody is born with one particular attribute. And, according to Raul Cuero’s coach, Raul would never be anything more than a big and burly guy who could play sports. Why would anyone expect anything else from a guy whose grandmother couldn’t even speak Spanish. Here was a 109-year old woman who had lived in Buenaventura, Colombia her whole life and still could only speak an African language that wasn’t spoken by many people in Buenaventura. The change of house and language did provide Raul with a break from the regimented household of his parents.