Dr. Raul Cuero

Colombian Entrepreneurship Role Model Based On Science And Technology Is Highlighted In Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland, November 20th, 2013.

Scientist and Inventor Raul Cuero was the main speaker (keynote speaker) in the central conference for the celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week United Nations event [sic] in Geneva, Switzerland. This invitation was thanks to his scientific career and the achievements of Colombia’s Park of Creativity, an organization founded and scientifically directed by Dr. Cuero.

Colombian Scientist and Inventor Raul Cuero during his presentation at the United Nations in Geneva Switzerland.
Courtesy International Park of Creativity.

For four consecutive years, the United Nations in Geneva have organized the Global Entrepreneurship Week (global initiative where 115 countries participate conducting local, regional and national activities) in collaboration with the Swiss Agency for Economic Promotion and the university of Geneva. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) joined this year

The event was held at the Palais de Nations, United Nations Headquarters, and in it was discussed the importance of new alternative [sic] or models to reduce the serious youth unemployment worldwide. Entrepreneurship cases from Italy, Portugal; Switzerland, Chile and of course Colombia were presented. The event was inaugurated by the Ambassador of Portugal Pedro Nuno Bartolo and concluded by the Ambassador of Italy Mauricio Sierra, both ambassadors to the United Nations in Geneva. Dr. Raul Cuero’s introduction was made by the Colombian Ambassador to the United Nations and International Organizations headquartered in Geneva, Dr. Alicia Arango.

Colombia’s case through the Parks of Creativity was highlighted as a case of success and a role model. Official programming for the event is available at the following link.

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