Dr. Raul Cuero

Methods And Devices For Electromagnetic Amplification Of Nucleic Acids

Link: United States Patent

The Invention Is A Cutting Edge Method And Device For Electromagnetic Amplification Of Nucleic Acid.

Patent No: US 9,004,729.
Date of Patent: Jun 2, 2015.
Inventor: Raul Cuero Rengifo, Cypress, TX (US).

Covers the technology to Amplify DNA/RNA Without Heat. This technology provides the following advantages:

Higher purity of DNA/RNA.
Amplification Shorter time.
Wide range of applications (i.e. pharmaceutical, medicine, agriculture, environmental, forensic science, others)
Dr. Cuero Rengifo and his research team at The International Park of Creativity “IPOC” of Colombia developed this novel technology during a period of six (6) years